Friday, October 21, 2011

Support for Open Class

Over the past couple of days we've heard from people all over education who are excited by #OpenClass. Many are excited by our free, cloud-based model. Others are drawn to the OC's user experience and social features.
I've gathered together a smattering of the support we've received to give you a sense of what people that like OpenClass have to say...

1. @EricStoller made Veronica and team's day when he tweeted that:
The user interface for #OpenClass is gorgeous. It's designed for human users.
2. @flairandsquare liked the OpenClass keynote:
@sannier awesome keynote at #navigate2011 have you shared it anywhere?(The OpenClass Educause session is here  The Navigate keynote can be found here )
3. @PhilKomarny pointed followers to a keynote I did at ACU Connected this year that foreshadowed OpenClass --
"One of the best keynotes (and visions) that I have seen, ever....My vote for the most inspiring speaker and ed technology at #EDU11
4. Wendy Lampner (@wlampner) liked the model:
What's in it for you? An opportunity to climb value chain. You will love price. Spend Less on provisioning resources....I am impressed that a corporate provider is willing to have public discussion about their product. Good place to start.
5. David Kim (@dskpro) said: 
OpenClass as an LMS is just 1st phase. Combined power of social & learning content exchange will advance online learning.
6. @wandajbarreto said OpenClass represented:
"A shift to social education: OpenClass - free course-management tools with advanced social networking and community"
7. @JimLundy sounded ready for our alternative:
Is OpenClass (free offering via google apps) a threat to Blackboard, in the HE LMS market? Choice is good.
8. @I_am_10_ninjas made a pitch for using the OC at UofS:
Pearson's OpenClass ...I'm just sayin'...please tell me we'll just consider this as an option here at the UofS
9. @paulbmckenzie asked:
Will the Pearson/Google LMS, OpenClass compete with the likes of Blackboard - You bet.
10. @mritzius was pleased but a little confused by it too:
Playing with #openclass ... It looks beautiful but I am feeling lost in the woods here... it has an import from blackboard and moodle feature for course creation...I'm kicking the tires, looks great but not all that clear on setup
11. @jessemoland was a somewhat more comfortable:
Playing around with OpenClass on Google Apps. Looks nice so far, and setup was quick and easy.
12. @cloggingchris blogged about OpenClass:
...interesting presentation and discussion about a new VLE just launched by Pearson....Easy to use interface, content looks easy to create and upload, and from the student perspective you can create communities, collaborations and share stuff very simply. You can get to your gmail from within it, see your google calendar, Skype students directly and chat...It's attracting a lot of attention, and there's a lot of buzz about it here.
13. @binaryape commented that:
Marketing whinges aside, OpenClass does look like it might be a positive step away from the old VLE idea towards the PLE holy grail.