Friday, October 21, 2011

Educause 2011 Roundup

The #OpenClass team was thrilled by the enthusiastic reception that #OpenClass received at Educause in Philadelphia this week. I was so busy responding to people in person the past couple days that I've fallen behind in responding to all the comments and questions folks have posted. 
Rather than spamming the twitterverse with a burst of replies, I decided to gather up my responses in a blog post instead.

My favorite tweets about OpenClass in the past couple days were these two:

1. Inside Higher Ed (@IHEtech), which broke the story about #OpenClass, was following us so closely they even gave a sartorial review:
Apropos, @sannier et al. at Pearson booth dressed like they're about to help you move. Or stage a skit for your kids.(First time anyone has ever noticed my wardrobe! This is a good thing, right?)
2. It's hard not to like a tweet that uses "pig pile" as a technical term, and I think @nengelbert spoke the truth when she said:
Launch of any new product always brings on the pig pile of functional requirements & immediate naysayers-Give OpenClass a chance! (I can almost hear Yoko in the background...All we are saying, is 'Give the OC a chance...')
For more on reaction to OC from Educasue see:
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