Friday, October 21, 2011

More Answers

Twitterers have also posed some more questions in the past several days. Some of the ones of general interest I answered below:

1. Lots of people have asked us when we will widen availability of OpenClass beyond the GoogleAppsForEducation community:

@IvanWebb asked: Will OpenClass be available to non school-based users? Eg, Prof learning of teachers, and to support teacher networks?
@Paul_Melrose asked: How long before non-Google Edu App accounts can have access? Looks great and good luck.
@jfcarrasco asks: "what about old Europe...??? France precisely ???"
@dicksonk asked: Any Google Apps for Ed schools in UK? Right now #openclass is available in Google Marketplace. I'll ask what's next. . .
@iversity commented that Ultimately #OpenClass is available only to institutions - sort of open, but not really
The team is working towards wider availability for OpenClass in the coming year. For now, #OpenClass is available through the GoogleApps Marketplace to Apps For Education institutions. We'll keep you posted as availability of the OC expands. So far we've seen more than 500 institutional activations from the US and countries around the world.
2. @mswanson asked:
How long before Pearson charges for OpenClass? I guess we have to like it and get everyone using it first.
While I understand where your skepticism is coming from, i want to assure you "bait-and-switch" is not our business model. The OC is a free, cloud-based learning environment designed to accelerate the adoption of digital content in higher education. That's Pearson's interest in it and we are confident in our ability to deliver. Over time I hope we are able to win your confidence too.
3. @grumpel asked:
hmm. #openclass for library curriculum and teaching materials?
We are going to convene a group of experts from the digital library community to help us understand how to best connect to library resources on campus and to supplement local collections with availability of scholarly material from the cloud.