Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Idea?

I was talking with Emily Dalton-Smith, Dawn Feldman and Phil Regier yesterday about all things ASU Online. One of the things we discussed was that, for online students, any and all services they are offered have to be available without ever coming to an ASU campus, an obvious but often overlooked fact. Some of these services, such as enrollment and registration, are already available online 24/7 through myASU. But we were talking about some that aren't, like for example Career Counseling.

So we start brainstorming, as that group is wont to do, when what I thought was a really good idea emerged. Essentially a mashup between an online career site -- say Monster.com -- and student profile information, resulting in a daily feed of job postings suited to the student's major, coursework and interests. So right there, in MyASU, from day one (even as you're applying perhaps), ASU would be showing a student a steady stream of jobs that their training and interests was preparing them for.

Ahh, but wait. There's more. Now mash up against an idea from Pandora. No, not the planet from Avatar. The music site. The one that feeds you a steady stream of new music based on a match against your interests. With every song, they ask for a thumbs up/thumbs down, and use that info to guide the music they send in the future. In the proposed context of course, students would give a thumbs up/thumbs down to the the days' job listings, and we (or Monster) could use that information to better understand what jobs interest the student (and prospective graduate) in the future.

I'm thinking this is a career service that would get our students thinking about careers early, help them flesh out their ideas about what kinds of careers they are preparing for, and get them thinking about what separates a good job from a bad one for them.

Good idea?