Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have to say that I'm really excited about the new My ASU. It's loaded with useful tools and resources, and I believe it will make students' academic lives less rocky by making the information they need much easier to find.

My Classes (see example below) is really cool because it lets students see their course schedules and instructors by semester. Clicking on an instructor's name takes students to that instructor's ASU Directory profile, where students can learn more about their teachers' specialties, interests and backgrounds. Clicking on a course's title takes students directly to that course's Blackboard site. My Classes also has links that make it easy for students to print out course schedules, view course locations, add and drop courses, and browse ASU's course catalog.

 My Classes 

My Programs & Advising shows students what their chosen majors are, identifies the advisors for that major, tells them how to contact their advisor, and lets them know whether they're on track for graduation. How cool is that?


My Tasks alerts students to tasks they need to complete before registration, like immunizations they'll need to have before attending classes on campus, or outstanding fees they need to pay. My Tasks even includes a notepad for jotting down ideas and reminders.


My Accounts gives students direct access to financial information, including financial aid, tuition and scholarships. Other useful links include Test Scores, Parking, Health Insurance, and more!


My Tools, in the toolbar on the right of the My ASU screen, features links to email, My Files, My Docs, and Blogs & Wikis. My Files is a terrific new application that gives students 4GB of storage space to save their work on, keeping their files organized and secure, always available online from any computer.

Check out the new My ASU Interactive Tour for more rockin' features, including Resources and My Stuff.

Here's what My ASU users are saying...

I like it. Its easier to get to certain areas like DARS, financial aid, and etc. One of my favorite parts is that I can click on the "books" link and the exact books for my classes come up. I don't have to enter in all the numbers to search for them on the bookstore website. Good job!!!!

I love the new site! It has everything I could need, all in one place. I can't think of anything better!!!

Looks great and easy to use.

I think this is really organized. I love it and it is very useful. I like this version better than the other one.

This new site is AMAZING! I love how much more simple and easy it is to use! Thank you!

I think everything is so much easier to get to now that we don't have to go through multiple sites to take care of our academic needs.

I LOVE this new format! Much easier to find things!

The future of My ASU

The future of My ASU is partly up to you. I'd like to hear what you, the ASU Community, have to say about things we should do to keep improving My ASU - what to add, what to remove, what's working for you and what's not. You can comment on this blog or send your ideas using the feedback button at the lower right corner of the My ASU page.