Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better together...


ASU is sweeping up its garage and organizing those boxes that have been sitting around collecting dust.

By combining the functionality of ASU Interactive with the features of the students’ page and the personalization of the Google Personal Start Page, ASU has created an altogether better My ASU experience for everyone in the ASU Community. Finding what you need has never been easier; now you can find everything all in one place.

Some of the enhanced student features include:

• Easy-to-find class schedule with class information and course registration links
• Campus maps
• Academic advisor information
• To do’s and Holds
• Financial account quick links

Enhanced faculty/staff features include:

• Easy-to-find access to HR information
• Calendars
• Teaching and student support tools
• Faculty/Staff news

And there’s more… The My Tools section includes links to useful applications, like email, Google Docs and Sheets, plus there's new functionality provided by My Apps and My Files. I'll tell you more about these later.

For now, you can take the My ASU Tour to learn more about the new, "combined" My ASU - a better integrated, more seamless online experience.


Colleen August 21, 2008 at 5:18 PM  

Score! I often think (ok, say) that UTO should be careful what it wishes for. You wish for 'raving fans' and you get them, but often not together. Sometimes I'm a fan, sometimes I'm just plain 'raving'.

This time, I rave and sing and herald your outcomes.
Everything at my fingertips, intuitive, and very pretty. Thank you.

Ken Krenick September 8, 2008 at 10:44 PM  

Professors at Anderson University (SC) are unable to send e-mails to professors at ASU. Could you please check your spam filter and whitelist "andersonuniversity.edu". Please contact me at kkrenick@andersonuniversity.edu for further information and specific recipients at ASU that cannot receive e-mail from us.

Thank you
Ken Krenick
System Administrator