Saturday, May 03, 2008

UTO Reorg

opscaredev-cropped.jpgIf you haven’t already heard, we've made some changes to UTO's organizational structure to help us serve the University better. You can see the new organization chart on the UTO People page. We've focused the bulk of the team around three principal activities: Operations, Customer Care and Development - Ops, Care and Dev for short.

Ops NapkinThe Ops team, headed by Bob Nelson, is charged with making today as good as yesterday. This means the Ops team is focused on providing a rich and reliable technology utility including robust network and voice connectivity, managed technology services, and 24x7x365 access to the range of applications and online services central to ASU's academic, research, and administrative activities.
Care NapkinThe Care team, headed by Sarah Hughes, is charged with making every day a great day. Their mission is to create “raving fans” of ASU’s technology services by providing in-person, online, and self-service aid to ASU’s students, faculty, and staff. The Care team also works closely with Ops and Dev to make ASU’s technology environment understandable and enhance our customers' productivity.
Dev NapkinThe Dev team, headed by Max Davis-Johnson, is charged with making tomorrow better than today. and is responsible for working with all of ASU’s administrative units as well as students and faculty to continually improve the information technology environment at ASU in support of University priorities.

We are determined to use this new organization to improve UTO's operational efficiency and reliability, accelerate development, and provide better customer service. Making the three missions of Ops, Care, and Dev as distinct as possible will give us greater clarity on how to measure and improve success.

Next up: the Concept of Zero and the Concept of One.