Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Don Henley was in Phoenix tonight, appearing with the Pretenders. I've always liked Henley. I think he's a political poet. He opened with one of my favorite songs -- Dirty Laundry -- and closed with another favorite -- I Will Not Go Quietly.

Gotta love Henley. I find him inspiring...


Sean Storrs,  August 10, 2007 at 11:30 AM  

I had some tickets to the Festivus Concert fall into my lap the night of the show and luckily my pal Paul and I were able to go at the last minute. We missed the set by the Stray Cats but were there for most of The Pretenders' set and all of Don Henley's set. I had seen a commercial for the show a few days before and thought, "Dang! I'd really like to see The Pretenders" since I had been listening to them for years.

Chrissie Hynde can still rock (and kick some serious butt). I was on cloud nine when they did "Back on the Chain Gang" "Middle of the Road" and "Brass in Pocket." Those are songs I never ever thought I'd have the chance to hear live. Given Ms. Hynde's rather liberal views on certain subjects, I find it quite ironic that Rush Limbaugh uses her song "My City Was Gone" as his intro music.

Don Henley is a legend, make no mistake. In his set there were also songs I never thought I'd hear live like "Dirty Laundry" "Hotel California" "Down at the Sunset Grill" "Life in the Fast Lane" and "Desperado."

It seemed to me that the pacing of his set was a little off. There was a bit of a ballad heavy lag in the middle. Also, considering the vast back catalog of songs he has, I thought it was surprising that he did a cover of the Tears for Fears tune "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Before he launched into "Witchy Woman," Henley said, "I'd like to take you back to 1972." It's hard to believe I was just a tot when that song first hit the air waves.