Sunday, December 10, 2006

A UTO Retrospective...

This month President Crow asked the members of WG1 to put together a list of accomplishments for their respective areas over the past 6 months. As I was getting the list together for UTO, I thought I'd take it as an opportunity to share some of the things that we've done at UTO since July and see what feedback there might be out there.

The list below is by no means exhaustive, but I'd like it to hit the highlights of UTO's contribution to the mission of the New American University. If you have suggestions, additions, corrections or omissions, please email me at (u t o @ a s u . e d u) or simply enter a comment to this post. Any constructive advice is appreciated.

On the operations side, over the past six months:

  1. UTO has provided reliable voice and data network service, with very few disruptions.

  2. UTO staff members were an important part of the team that successfully prepared ASU's Downtown Phoenix Campus for its successful August opening.

  3. Beginning in the 2007 fiscal year, the UTO decreased ASU's long distance phone charges 75%, from 19 cents/minute to 5 cents/minute.

In the area of customer support, in the last half year:

  1. UTO's customer support team helped faculty, students and staff solve tens of thousands of questions over the past six months.

  2. UTO is continuing to work to improve our support systems to ensure timely answers to every question and improve the second-line support we provide to other support personnel throughout ASU.

  3. The support team successfully developed and deployed two new initiatives:

    • the development and launch of Downtown 1:1 in partnership with Dell and Apple and;

    • the creation of the New Media Innovation Lab in conjunction with ASU's Cronkite School of Journalism and Gannet.

The second half of 2006 saw UTO successfully complete more than 30 development projects. For a more exhasutive list, please see the completed project listings at ASU's UTO Labs site. Highlights include:

  1. In October, ASU announced the successful deployment of Google Apps for Education. ASU was the first major university in the world to make Google's Gmail, Calendaring and Talk client available as part of a major .edu domain.

  2. In November, the UTO announced the successful deployment of the personalized Google Start Page for students, another first for the ASU/Google relationship.

  3. In cooperation with its sister institutions, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona, ASU's UTO contributed to the completion of the first phase of the AZUN educational portal.

  4. In conjunction with online service providers from around the university, UTO completed the first phase of ASU Interactive 2.0, an ongoing effort to integrate and streamline the interactive services provided to ASU's faculty, staff and students.

  5. UTO helped ASU improve its efficiency and service for staff by replacing many of its paper-based forms with online versions.

UTO's most significant development effort in 2006 is OASIS, a 5 year, $25M project to overhaul ASU's student information and human resource management systems. Led by a team from UTO, this massive development project includes functional and technical resources from around the university, working together to improve ASU's administrative systems and position the University for growth. So far, OASIS continues to be on-time and on budget and successfully passed several key milestones during the last half of this year.

  1. Several of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Components are already in production, including: Academic Structure, Campus Community, Catalog and Class Schedule.

  2. In November, the OASIS team successfully went live with Admissions and Recruiting for Fall 2007.

  3. Several PeopleSoft CRM Components will go into production this week, including support for the College of Extended Ed's marketing program, e-Support for WP Carey, Sales for MBA recruiting, and Field Support for UTO-Telecom.

  4. December will also mark the forst "go-live" for a PeopleSoft HCM Component when Talent Acquisition goes live on 12/11.

In addition to administering ASU's academic technology environment, ASU's Applied Learning Tehcnology Institute launched the following two initiatives in 2006:

  1. In cooperation with Apple Computer, ASU has emerged as one of the leading universities in Apple's Itunes U project. UTO successfully launched the ASU Itunes U site in October, including integration into ASU's single sign-on environment and the creation of access controlled course shells for more than 5000 ASU courses.

  2. In November, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education, the UTO launched IDEAL, the Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona's Learning (IDEAL) to provide Arizona's K-12 parents, students and teachers with a single online resource to meet their educational goals and needs.

Again, not an exhaustive list, but not a bad set of highlights either. Please let us know your feedback, as well any additions to the list.


Nate December 12, 2006 at 6:26 AM  

Remodeled the GWC 185 Computing Site and added three new seminar classrooms to the Goldwater Center.

Began UTO 1:1 computing initiative to upgrade hardware both for UTO staff and computing site customers.

Successfully maintained computing site operations despite 70% cut in full-time staff dedicated to computing sites.

Successfully migrated printing hardware support and supply services to OMR&R/Canon on chargeback per-print model.

Created additional space for laptop users / collaborative work in the Computing Commons Atrium, BAC 16 Computing Site, and GWC 185 Computing Site.

Don't know that any of these rate as sufficiently high-profile, but such are the goings-on in my working area.

Adrian,  December 13, 2006 at 1:26 PM  

Thanks Nate...

Dave McKee,  December 15, 2006 at 6:24 AM  

Some of Data Communications Achievements in the last 6 months:

Deployed pervasive wireless coverage in the following buildings: Research Support Services 1, 2, 4, 5, College of Tech Deans Office Building (Polytechic Campus), Central Plant South, Student Health Services, Cancer Research Center, University Tower Center, Language & Literature, Psychology North (TC), ASU Polytechnic - QUAD3, University Towers, Physical Sciences H-wing, Best Hall (Administrative area), Centerpoint. Wireless coverage university-wide is now roughly 75%.

Upgraded network infrastructure to switched-to-the-desktop in the following buildings: Physical Sciences H-wing, Lyceum Theatre, Schwada Classroom Office Bldg, Language & Literature, Psychology North (TC), Cowden Family Resources, Admin B-wing, Gammage Hall, Physical Sciences C-wing, Life Sciences E-wing, Law Library, Goldwater Center

Coordinated Installation and turn-up of data communications infrastructure in Hassayampa Village Residential Complex

Converted university wireless system from autonomously controlled access points to a centrally-controlled system, improving efficiency, rogue access point discovery and mitigation and problem resolution capability.

Anne,  December 19, 2006 at 2:55 AM  

I think the work that was done on the new directory ( is noteworthy. I know it's still in Beta and there's a lot left to do, but every time I revisit it, I'm aware of a new and exciting potential use for it. I think some really amazing things can come from the continued development of the new directory.

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