Sunday, October 16, 2005

Meeting with the Moderators...

Last week I had a great meeting with the moderation team. Given how many moderators there were (24), I figured it was fruitless to try and find a perfect time so I took a chance and scheduled a meeting for the dinner hour 5:30 - 7:00 on Tuesday. Pretty thoughtless when you think about it, but I didn't. If I had, I guess I would have expected to be in the room alone.

But I wasn't alone. Not even close. A full 21 of the 24 showed and the other 3 sent regrets. For a new guy in town with noone working for him, I was extremely excited by the turnout. And not only was it a great turnout, but I thought the group had some excellent ideas on how to move the wiki based planning process forward...

  • First of all, we decided that we need more moderators. This plan will be pretty comprehensive so its going to take a lot of work to hammer it into shape. So we're still taking applicants, and the moderators will also be looking to add to their number. Divergent opinions welcome at this stage.

  • Second, we decided to begin creating outlines for the Current Assessment and Strategic Visions documents in each section. The moderators will take first crack, but every one's opinions are welcome. These outlines will create the skeleton of the plan and lay out what articles need to be written.

  • Third, to get the articles written, we've decided to begin asking specific individuals, both inside and outside fo the mdoeration team, to write the first draft of specific articles. The Wikipedia uses this mechanism too, defining articles that need to be written and then inviting individual Wikipedians to write the first draft. This is the best idea we've had so far.

  • Finally, we are continuing to flesh out the SWOT charts. Hoping people will still choose their sections of interest and do a brainstorming execise in small groups to refine and add to the items we have so far.

The moderation team is coming together, and I am confident that this group will be a major driving force in moving the TechPlan forward.

None of us could do this alone, but we can all do it together.