Friday, October 07, 2005

Last Week...

You may have noticed that the blog was sort of quiet this past week. Last week was a complicated week for me - I spent several days in Iowa, going to a funeral for a friend on Friday, and a Ph.D. defense on Monday. A combination of death and rebirth if you will.

Jamie Wade succumbed to brain cancer last week after a year long fight. His funeral was a somber occasion, made the more difficult because Jamie's was a life interrupted in its prime. He leaves behind his wife Marti and their two daughters, Maggie, a college freshman, and Ann-Charlotte, still in high school, as well as extended family and many friends. U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett delivered a moving eulogy that recalled what a multi-faceted person Jamie was. A wise counselor and a good friend, Jamie will be sorely missed.

On Monday, Bryan Walter successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in the HCI program at Iowa State University. Bryan did a terrific job in his defense, and it left me excited about the value of a graduate education. Bryan is currently enjoying flying around the country presenting this work and generating a host of job opportunities. He's going to be a dynamite addition to whatever team he chooses to join.