Monday, September 05, 2005

Props to the House

What better day than Labor Day to say "Hats Off!" to the men and women who make ASU the amazing place it is.

The odd thing about being brought in to help a place develop its strategy is that you find yourself always being critical. Unless you're prepared to say that things are humming along in exactly the right direction (in which case, whatta we need you for?), a big part of the job is identifying what isn't working and what things are opportunities for change. But nobody likes a critic, least of all one with no skin in the game - a guy who's critiquing things he's had no hand in building.

One thing I think I haven't done enough in the past month is acknowledge the skill and dedication of everyone here who has had a hand in bringing ASU to where it is today. I mean look around. Tens of thousands of students were just successfully registered for schedules they selected online. Online applications are processed, paychecks are cut, supplies are purchased and distributed, classrooms were scheduled, services provided....The list goes on for a quite a while.

Lets face it, this is a wicked complex enterprise and it is working pretty darn well, thank you very much. No thanks to you, Mr. Critical.

So props to the house for all it's doing and all it's done. The Princeton Review has it right. ASU is one of the top Universities in the region and in the country. And nowhere in higher education is more dynamic.

Here's to you.